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Fintronic Announces Super FinSim's support for FinSimMath, an extension of Verilog for mathematical computations

    Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

    FOSTER CITY, Calif.--10:00am Wednesday, March 5th, 2008-- Editors/High-Tech Writers Foster City, Calif.--10:00am PST, Wednesday March 5th, 2008-- Fintronic USA, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance Verilog simulators announced support for FinSimMath, a Verilog extension for mathematical computations. Dr. Alec Stanculescu, CEO and President of Fintronic USA, stated "One does not need to leave the Verilog simulation environment in order to describe high level mathematical algorithms. For example, inverting a 2000x2000 sparse matrix takes one line to declare the matrix, one line to populate it, one line to to compute the inverse and one line to print the result. Also, the whole operation takes less than 2 seconds on a 1.8GHz AMD Opteron running FinSim version 9_3_29 or higher."

     ABOUT FinSimMath

FinSimMath, an extension of Verilog for Mathematical computations, is described in chapter 8 of the FinSim User's Guide, available for download on www.fintronic.com/support.html. The tutorial available on www.fintronic.com/finmath.html provides running examples in extended Verilog that show how to:

(1) modify during the simulation the format (floating point or fixed point), as well as the number of bits used for each field of the format in the model of a low pass filter,

(2) perform without the need of explicit conversion functions arithmetic operations with operands of type complex (cartesian or polar) or of matrices having elements of type complex, including the computation of the inverse of such matrices,

(3) compute the pseudo inverse of matrices,

(4) separate data from its location using high level constructs such as the "View as" and InitM constructs for multi-threading processing,

(5) perform fast autocorelation,

(6) exchange FinSimMath data between modules, and

(7) monitor special conditions, such as overflow or underflow.


On www.Fintronic.com, by clicking on EVALUATE one can apply for a free one month evaluation license of FinSim/FinSimMath. The executable can be downloaded from the WEB site and the license will be sent by Fintronic upon approval.


Fintronic USA, Inc. is a technology leader in high-performance Verilog Simulation. Fintronic has sold the first Verilog simulator on Linux in 1993. The company is committed to develop and deliver high performance simulators that enables the efficient functional and timing correctness verification of the most complex electronic system designs.

For more information on Fintronic USA, Inc. and its products, visit (www.fintronic.com), contact Dr Alec Stanculescu at (650) 349 0108, or send e-mail to info@fintronic.com.

Note to Editors: FinSim is a registered trademark of Fintronic USA. All other brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and should be treated as such.