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What our customers are saying….


 "Fintronic's Verilog simulators have played a significant role in the verification of our designs for the past three years. The excellent price/performance ratio, robustness and integration with third party software as well as the outstandingly superior customer support provided by Fintronic were the critical advantages for us in selecting Fintronic's Verilog simulators. We consider that Fintronic's simulators are the best choice for large farms for Verilog simulation".

Godfrey D'Souza, Vice President VLSI design, Transmeta Corporation


 "By running on over 120 Linux machines, Super FinSim has dramatically reduced our regression time. Due to its robustness and cost-effectiveness, it has been and will be a critical part of our design verification process. Thus far, this tool enabled us to tapeout more than 10 very complex ASICs - some with more than 5 million gates. The Fintronics technical staff has been very attentive to our needs and responsive to our requests ".

Ken Cai, Design Verification Manager, Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.


 "We have been using Finsim for the past three years on Linux based x86 systems. We have used different third party tools like Specman and undertow along with Finsim. We have been extremely happy with Finsim. We were able to simulate multi-million gate designs for our customers. The customer support is excellent and engineers are highly experienced and were able to help us in solving problems related to C/PLI. We highly recommend Finsim for verilog simulation ".

Babu Kandimalla, CEO, Audio Video Millennium, Inc.


 " We completed our first design with SuperFinsim and its working in silicon. SuperFinsim performed very well. All of the development was conducted with SuperFinsim including unit gate level simulations. Our simulation vectors and design were also validated with Cadence Verilog-XL and no significant compatibility issues were found. There were some differences in the random simulations as we discovered that SuperFinsim and Verilog-XL produced different results on $random given the same seed. Overall, our satisfaction level with SuperFinsim's compatibility, reliability, performance and technical support is very high.".

Ryan Callison, President, BREA Technologies, Inc.


"FinSim is an outstanding product, the price is much lower than comparable simulators and the technical support is terrific. I use FinSim on Windows NT (yes I'd love to move to Linux but the whole tool chain isn't there yet...) but I assume the Linux version is just as good as the NT version. I don't work for FinSim, or have friends who work there, etc. I'm just a very satisfied customer. I can't say enough good things about their product, or their tech support".

Brian Rogoff, Consultant


"By the way, if you don't mind a compliment, FinSim is just amazing. It's very very quick (even in interpreted mode), very thorough in analyzing the source. It's the best piece of EDA SW I have dealt with. You should write a synthesis tool as well :-)".

Zoltan Kocsi, Bendor, Inc.


"I'm using Fintronic's FinSim and I love it. It runs on NT (which I've used), but I run it on Linux. I'm simulating some large designs and it works great (RTL, gate-level, SDF -- haven't tried the PLI yet). You can get it packaged with Undertow (very nice) for $3400.00 (I think they have a different but similar package for NT). Great customer support, too. Check it out at www.fintronic.com".

Mark Hess, Consultant


"I am very satisfied with your product and your company. FinSim will play an important role in building Silicon Partners, Inc. You may use me as a reference any time. I am currently using FinSim on a design of over 32,000 lines of Verilog code. It was initially developed using Cadence Verilog-XL, and when I started using FinSim, the design simulated with absolutely no modification. Even the Verilog-XL command file required no modification for FinSim. That's compatibility"!

John Wilkes, Logic Probe, Inc.


"If anyone is interested, I'm using FinSim (www.fintronic.com) and Undertow (www.veritools-web.com) on Linux. SpeedSim is another Verilog Linux simulator available from Quickturn. I think it was ~$40K list price while FinSim was $10K list. FinSim also matched our NC Verilog runs from hp workstations perfectly while SpeedSim didn't and we didn't have time to investigate the differences. Design Acceleration offers a waveform viewer similar to undertow, but they were requiring a sun license server to authenticate the Linux boxes. I'm only using Linux in my home office, so that wasn't very attractive".

Lee Bradshaw, Alantro Communications

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