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Verilog 2001 features supported todate by all FinSim simulators.

For details regarding these features please consult "IEEE 1364-2001 Verilog LRM", as well as Stuart Sutherland's "Verilog 2001: A Guide to New Features of the Verilog Hardware Description Language". The numbering used is from Stuart Sutherland's book.

1. Combined port and data declaration

2. ANSI C style module declarations

3. Module port parameter lists

4. ANSI C style UDP declarations

5. Variable initial value at declaration

6. ANSI C style task/function declarations

9. Constant Functions

10. Comma separated sensitivity list

11. Combinational logic sensitivity @(*)

12. Implicit net declarations for continuous assignments

13. Disabling of implicit net declarations for continuous assignments

14. Variable vector part selects

15. Multidimensional arrays

16. Arrays of net and real data types. (Arrays of reals only in compile mode)

17. Array bit and part selects. Non-blocking assignments to bit or part selects are supported only in compiled mode.

18. Signed reg, net, and port declarations

19. signed based integer numbers

20. signed functions

21. sign conversion system functions

22. Arithmetic Shift Operator

23. Assignment width extension past 32 bits

24. Power Operator

25. Attributes

26. Sized and typed parameter constants

27. Explicit in-line parameter redefinition

28. Fixed local parameters

30. Extended number of open files: $fopen with single and multiple channel descriptors

31 Enhanced file I/O (Not in interpreted mode, only in compiled mode!): $fgetc, $fgets, $fscanf (%z not supported)

33. Enhanced Invocation Option Testing: $value$plusargs

34. Enhanced conditional compilation: 'ifndef and 'elsif compiler directives

36. Generate blocks

38. On-detect pulse error propagation:

- pulsestyle_onevent

- pulsestyle_ondetect

39. Negative pulse detection:

- showcancelled

- noshowcancelled

40. Enhanced input timing checks:

- $setup

- $hold

- $setuphold

- $skew

- $recovery

- $period

- $width

41. Negative input timing constraints

- $setuphold

- $recrem

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