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    Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

    SAN MATEO, Calif.--5:00pm Friday, July 24th, 2009--

Fintronic USA, Inc. announces Inversion of Sparse Matrices of 40,000x40,000 elements of type real in extended Verilog, as part of Super FinSim's support for FinSimMath

Editors/High-Tech Writers

San Mateo, Calif.--5:00pm PST, Friday July 24th, 2009-- Fintronic USA, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance Verilog simulators announced, as part of it support for FinSimMath, the capability of inverting sparse matrices of 40,000x40,000 elements of type real in extended Verilog. Fast read/write access to the data of such matrices is also provided.

Dr. Alec Stanculescu, CEO and President of Fintronic USA, stated "Most electronic circuits being designed now are either (1) based on algorithms that involve mathematical computations such as FFT, solving differential equations, and/or performing matricial computations, or (2) need to be tested in environments that must be modeled via such mathematical computations, or both (1) and (2). FinSim, with its support for Verilog extended for mathematical computations, helps the design of such circuits.".

     ABOUT FinSimMath

FinSimMath, an extension of Verilog for Mathematical computations is described in chapter 8 of FinSim's User's Guide, available for download on www.fintronic.com/support.html.

The tutorial available on Fintronic's WEB site at (www.fintronic.com/finmath.html) provides running examples in extended Verilog that show how to: (1) modify during the simulation the format (floating point or fixed point), as well as the number of bits used for each field of the format in the model of a low pass filter, (2) perform without the need of explicit conversion functions arithmetic operations with operands of type complex (Cartesian or polar) or of matrices having elements of type complex, including the computation of the inverse of such matrices, (3) compute the pseudo inverse of matrices, (4) separate data from its location using high level constructs such as the "View as" and InitM constructs for multi-threading processing, (5) perform fft, and fast autocorrelation, (6) exchange FinSimMath data between modules, (7) monitor special conditions such as overflow or underflow, and (8) solve non-linear differential equations.

The latest progress involves performing inversion of matrices of up to 40,000x40,000 elements of type real. This capability allows to solve large systems of equations. Preliminary results show that the current technology can be extended to 4,000,000x4,000,000 using multi-threading and to 40,000,000x40,000,000 using a dedicated chip.


One can request an evaluation copy of FinSim by sending e-mail to support@fintronic.com.


Fintronic USA, Inc.is a technology leader in high-performance Verilog Simulation. Fintronic has sold the first Verilog simulator on Linux in 1993. The company is committed to develop and deliver high performance simulators that enable customers to verify efficiently the functional and timing correctness of their most complex electronic system designs.

For more information on Fintronic USA, Inc. and its products, visit (www.fintronic.com), contact Dr Alec Stanculescu at (415) 265 5046, or send e-mail to info@fintronic.com.

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