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Fintronic Announces Super FinSim's support for Variable Precision computation in Verilog
    Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

    FOSTER CITY, Calif.--8:00am Friday, July 21st, 2006-- Fintronic USA, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance Verilog simulators announced support for variable precision computation in its Super FinSim Verilog simulators. Dr. Alec Stanculescu, CEO and President of Fintronic USA, stated "The availability of variable precision fixed and floating point objects and associated implicit registers in Verilog along with arithmetic operations and hyperbolic, trigonometric, power and logarithm functions without the burden of using explicit conversion functions is a step ahead in facilitating DSP peak value estimation and ESL design exploration in general".


Super FinSim uses IEEE std 1364 - 2001 attributes in order to specify variable precision (VP) fixed point and IEEE 754/854 floating point objects, as well as descriptors associated to them. System tasks are used to associate descriptors to VP objects and to change at runtime the various fields of the descriptor, i.e. various sizes (of integer part, fractional part, exponent or mantissa), options (e.g. rounding, overflow and underflow), and format of value representation (e.g. fixed or floating).

Super FinSim supports arithmetic operations of combination of Verilog literal integer, literal real, real, integer, reg, VP fixed point, and IEEE 754/854 floating point. It also supports hyperbolic, trigonometric, power and logarithm functions of variable precision fixed point scalars.

The total size of variable precision objects is currently limited to 80,000 bits and the precision of hyperbolic, trigonometric, power and logarithm functions in the regular Super FinSim distribution is a hefty 120 bits. Fintronic offers even better precision under special agreements beyond the Super FinSim product.

Super FinSim supports several implicit registers associated to each variable precision object, such as: overflow, nrOfTruncated bits, underflow, peakNrOfBitsUsed, and cummulativeError. These implicit registers are automatically set after each assignment and processes can be sensitive to them.

Super FinSim supports overloading of operators and of equality so that explicit conversion functions are not needed. Complex expressions are supported via automatic generation of necessary temporary variables. Temporary variables have descriptors associated to them based on rules involving the default descriptor which can be updated by the user before the evaluation of any complex expression.

The integration of Super FinSim with OSCI's SystemC makes the variable precision computation available to SystemC users as well.


Fintronic USA, Inc.is a technology leader in high-performance Verilog Simulation. Fintronic has sold the first Verilog simulator on Linux in 1993. The company is committed to develop and deliver high performance simulators that enable customers to verify efficiently the functional and timing correctness of their most complex electronic system designs.

For more information on Fintronic USA, Inc. and its products, visit (www.fintronic.com), contact Dr Alec Stanculescu at (650) 349 0108, or send e-mail to info@fintronic.com.

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