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Verisity Adds Three New Members to the VIP Program
   0-In, American Arium and Fintronic USA Partner with Verisity in Advancing    Verification Interoperability

    Business Editors/High Tech Writers

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 20, --> --2001--Verisity, Ltd. (Nasdaq:VRST - news), the leading provider of functional verification automation software tools, today announced that 0-In Design Automation, American Arium and Fintronic USA have joined the Verisity Interoperability Partners (VIP(TM)) program. The VIP program brings together Verisity and other verification tool providers for the purpose of developing and supporting integrations between the companies' solutions and Verisity's Specman Elite(TM), SureCov(TM) and SureLint(TM) products.

``It's absolutely vital that we partner with other verification tool providers to create integrated verification environments for our mutual customers,'' said Dave Tokic, director of strategic marketing for Verisity Design, Inc. ``The addition of these new partners brings the number of partners in Verisity's VIP program up to 20, a clear sign of market pull for Verisity's solutions.''

0-In has joined the VIP program to develop an integrated verification approach between Specman Elite and 0-In Check. 0-In Check enables white-box verification where designers instrument their RTL with CheckerWare checkers and protocol monitors to catch design errors and to measure the structural coverage of the design in simulation. The integration will be available early in 2002.

``Using the 0-In CheckerWare Interface functions, a Specman Elite testbench can react to statistics and structural coverage information from the checkers and monitors in real time during simulation,'' said Ping Yeung, Verification Products Manager at 0-In. ``After identifying areas which are insufficiently exercised, Specman Elite can respond by altering its test generation or fine-tuning its directed-random parameters dynamically to improve the effectiveness of the testbench.''

American Arium, a supplier of hardware and software development tools for Intel IA-32, IA-64, and ARM processors, has begun developing an integration between Specman Elite and SourcePoint(TM). SourcePoint is a high-level language debugger with ties into instruction simulation and hardware simulation. The integration is expected to be available in Q1 of 2002.

``By integrating with Verisity's Specman Elite, we can provide far greater value to our customers,'' said Larry Traylor, CEO, American Arium. ``The VIP program teams us with the leading provider of functional verification tools to deliver customers a highly integrated verification flow.''

Fintronic USA joined the VIP program to develop an integration between Verisity's Specman Elite and Fintronic's Super FinSim Verilog simulator. Super FinSim is a high-performance, robust Verilog simulator, compatible with all the main players in the Verilog market. Super FinSim's low memory utilization, proprietary swapping mechanism, compact results format, make it ideal for use in large simulation farms.

``Close integration between verification tools is vital for customer success,'' said Alec Stanculescu, president and chief executive officer at Fintronics USA. ``We've had customers specifically request that we partner with Verisity to develop an integration between our tools, and the VIP program gives us the infrastructure to do just that.''

About the VIP Program

   VIP members develop, test, support and maintain the integrations between their products and Verisity's. Verisity provides VIP members with tool licenses, documentation, support, software updates and access to beta releases for Verisity's verification products. To join, potential members must have at least three mutual customers who would benefit from the proposed integration. License and maintenance fees are charged on a ``per configuration'' basis, with the configuration constituting up to one each of Specman Elite, SureCov and/or SureLint at $1,000 per configuration. Members may obtain no more than six (6) configurations under this agreement.

About Verisity

   Verisity is the leading provider of proprietary technologies and software products used to efficiently verify designs of electronic systems and complex integrated circuits that are essential to the communications and other high growth segments of the electronics industry. Verisity's products automate the process of detecting flaws in these designs, enabling customers to deliver higher quality products, accelerate time-to-market and reduce overall product development costs.

Verisity Design, Inc.'s principal executive offices are located in Mountain View, Calif. The Company's principal research and development offices and the corporate headquarters of Verisity Ltd. are located in Rosh Ha'ain, Israel. For more information, see Verisity's Web site at www.verisity.com. Note to Editors: Verisity is a registered trademark of Verisity Design, Inc. Specman Elite, SureCov, SureLint and VIP are trademarks of Verisity Design, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.