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Fintronic USA, Inc. Announces Site Running Over 1,000 Licences of Super FinSim Verilog Simulators

    Business Editors/High Tech Writers

    FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2001--Fintronic USA, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance Verilog simulators today announced that Transmeta Corporation (Santa Clara, Calif.) has decided to increase its usage of Super FinSim Verilog simulators from Fintronic to over one thousand licenses.

    Godfrey D'Souza, director of VLSI design for Transmeta, noted, "Fintronic's Verilog simulators have played a significant role in the verification of our designs for the past two years. The excellent price/performance ratio, robustness and integration with third party software as well as the superior customer support provided by Fintronic were the critical advantages for us in selecting Fintronic's Verilog simulators. We consider that Fintronic's simulators are the best choice for large farms for Verilog simulation."

    Alec Stanculescu, president and CEO for Fintronic USA, stated, "Transmeta's choice of Super FinSim for its large simulation farm shows that our Verilog simulators have moved from being simply technology leaders in the field, for pioneering by now widely accepted concepts such as mixed cycle/event driven simulation, mixed interpreted/compiled simulation, and simulation farms, to become the Verilog simulators of choice for designers of complex electronic circuits."

    "Transmeta's use of Super FinSim fits in exactly with our vision of the Verilog simulation market in general and with the position of Fintronic's products within this market in particular" continued Stanculescu. "As computers are getting faster and cheaper, Verilog designers will use simulation farms to run thousands of simultaneous simulations in order to cope with the huge need for Verilog simulation. This will be made possible by farm tools such as FinFarm provided by Fintronic, which launch, monitor, debug, correct and re-launch simulations."

    Transmeta will utilize Fintronic's Super FinSim in the development of processors and chipsets ranging in size from 3-5 million gates. The processors are targeted towards Internet appliance and laptop end products.
    Transmeta's premier product is the Crusoe processor, a low power x86-compatible family of solutions specially designed for the New World of Mobile Internet Computing. Its proprietary Code Morphing technology is used to significantly reduce the processor's power consumption without sacrificing performance. Advanced power management techniques maximize battery life by dynamically matching performance levels to application demand. All Crusoe processors are fully x86 compatible, PC compatible, and Internet compatible.

About Super FinSim

    Super FinSim is a high performance, robust Verilog simulator, compatible with all the main players in the Verilog market. Super FinSim's low memory utilization, proprietary swapping mechanism, compact results format, make it ideal for use in large simulation farms.
    Super FinSim is priced between $3,500 and $40,000 (U.S. List Price) depending on platform, capacity, and options (FinWave, FinFarm, FinCov).

About Fintronic Usa

    Fintronic USA, Inc. (www.fintronic.com) is a technology leader in high-performance Verilog Simulation. The company's mission is to develop and deliver high performance solutions that enable our customers to verify the functional and timing correctness of their complex electronic system designs.
    Fintronic has distributors in India, China, Japan, and South Korea and direct sales operations in North America. The corporate headquarters is located at 1119 Chess Drive, Foster City, Calif. 94404, (650) 349-0108.
    For more information on Fintronic and its products, visit www.fintronic.com, as well as booth 1322 at DAC 2001, in Las Vegas, June 19-21.

    Note to Editors: Fintronic, Super FinSim, FinCov, FinWave, FinFarm are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fintronic USA, Inc. Crusoe, Code Morphing, LongRun and Transmeta are trademarks and or registered trademarks of Transmeta Corp. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and should be treated as such.