Finsim Frequently Asked Questions


1. License related questions

1.1 What types of license does Super-FinSim use?

1.2 What types of hostids do Super-FinSim licenses support?

1.3 Linux specific licensing issues

1.3.1 How do I get the address of my Ethernet card?

1.3.2 What do I do with the hardware key?

1.3.3 The installation script hangs while setting up the license. What's wrong?

1.3.4 How do I know if my hardware key works properly?

1.4 Windows specific licensing issues.

1.5 FlexLM licenses issues.

1.5.1 How do I find out if FlexLM is running properly?

1.5.2 lmgrd complains about inconsistent encryption codes. What does it mean?

1.5.3 lmgrd says it cannot start the vendor daemon fintron. What's wrong?

1.5.4 Can I specify a different license file than the one in LM_LICENSE_FILE?

1.5.5 If I have a license for say, Super-FinSim 50K and one for the unlimited version how can I force the simulator to use the 50K one and not the first one available?

1.5.6 How do I find out more about FlexLM?

1.6 The Super-FinSim compiler finvc or the simulator do not run because of license issues. How do I find out what's wrong?

1.7 How much does it cost to switch my license from one machine to another?

1.8 If I get a floating license can I run simulations on any platform supported by Super-FinSim?

1.9 RLM license issues

2. Displaying waveforms and debugging with Super-FinSim

2.1 What waveform displays and source level debuggers does Super-FinSim offer?

2.2 Does Signalscan provide source level debugging?

2.3 Does Undertow provide source level debugging?

2.4 Is there any difference between the Signalscan version offered by Design Acceleration and the one that comes bundled with Super-FinSim?

2.5 Why don't you bundle the latest version of Signalscan on PC-Windows with Super-FinSim?

2.6 Does Signalscan run on Linux?

2.7 Does Undertow run on Linux?

2.8 How can I generate debug information for Miscrosoft Developer Studio to be able to debug my PLI on Windows?

3. General questions

3.1 What is the difference between the different simulators you are offering?

3.2 How do I find out how many components my design has?

3.3 Can I upgrade from a lower version of Super-FinSim to a higher one?

3.4 I have an evaluation copy of Super-FinSim. How can I find out how FinSim-Developer will run?

3.5 Where do I get the documentation for Super-FinSim?

3.6 Where do I get the documentation for FinCov?

3.7 How do I use "Save and restart" feature?

3.8 How do I call my own C tasks and functions without using PLI?

3.9 How do I use multiple veriusertfs tables?

4. Platform specific questions

4.1 Why are there two different Linux distributions?

4.1.1 How do I find out which Linux distribution I have?

4.1.2 I try to run finvc on my Linux machine but it says "Command not found" although the     path is correct and the permissions are properly set. What is  going on?

4.2 Where do I plug in the hardware key?

4.2.1 My Linux machine has only a 9-pin serial port available, what do I do?

4.2.2 Can I chain more than one hardware key or other devices?

5. Integration with other products questions

5.1 How do I run Super-FinSim and Specman together?

5.2 How do I run Super-FinSim and Debussy together?

5.3 How do I run Super-FinSim and Undertow together?

5.4 How do I run Super-FinSim and SystemC together?

5.5 How do I use variable precision floating and fixed point computation in Super-FinSim?

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