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-Download latest version:10_09_26s released on 5/20/2024

- Fintronic announces FinFilter, that generates FIR filters in gate-level Verilog and the associated test bench in mixed Verilog/FinSimMath. (May 28, 2012)

- Fintronic announces inversion of 40,000x40,000 matrices in extended Verilog, as part of Super FinSim's support for FinSimMath. (July 23rd, 2009)

- Fintronic announces Matrix Inversion using variable precision arithmetic in extended Verilog, as part of Super FinSim's support for FinSimMath. (June 6th, 2008)

- Super FinSim supports FinSimMath, an extension of Verilog for mathematical computations. (March 5th, 2008)

- Super FinSim supports variable precision fixed and floating point computation in Verilog (7/21/2006)

-Fintronic USA, Inc. participates at the 43rd DAC: July 24-27, 2006, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco CA

- Super FinSim integrated with OSCI's SystemC (11/30/2005)

- Fintronic's SuperFinSim Verilog Simulator pre-installed on ASL's Monarch Servers (6/27/2005)

-Fintronic USA, Inc. participates at the 42nd DAC: June 13-16, 2005, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA

-Fintronic USA, Inc. participates at 2004 MAPLD: September 8-10, 2004

- Fintronic's SuperFinSim Verilog Simulator accelerated through tight integration with Novas Debussy Debug System (7/18/2003)

- Fintronic's Verilog Simulator on 64-bit Linux Workstation! (5/15/2003)

- Fintronic introduces new interface that allows users to call C tasks and functions without PLI (10/02/2002)

- Fintronic introduces highly efficient Save and Restart capabilities to its line of FinSim simulators (08/08/2002)

- Fintronic Announces Verilog Separate Compilation For FinSim Simulator (04/04/2002)

- Fintronic USA Partner with Verisity in Advancing Verification Interoperability (11/20/2001)

- Transmeta Corporation deploys more than 1000 licenses of Super-FinSim (06/06/2001)

- Electronic Engineering Times coverage of FinFarm (03/13/2000)

-Fintronic USA introduces FinFarm, the revolutionary simulation farm management tool (02/09/2000)

-Starting with version 4_5_40, floating and node locked FLEXlm licenses based on the Ethernet card id or dongle are available for Linux. Starting with version 4_5_40 SuperFinSim for the SunOS, Solaris, HP requires FLEXlm 6.1. (09/30/98)

-Fintronic USA releases Linux glibc compatible version of all its popular software tools. (08/30/98)

-Verilog-C Cosimulation at 100 milion Instruction Executions per Second with Detailed Timing (3/13/98)

-Fintronic USA announces new pulse filtering techniques (3/31/97)

-Fintronic USA announces the availibility of FinSim, a high performance Verilog simulation environment, for the Power PC platform running Windows NT (8/30/96)

-Fintronic USA and Design Acceleration develop Windows NT-based Verilog Code Coverage recording/analysis product (6/3/96)

-Fintronic extends Enhanced Cycle Simulation and introduces novel code coverage tool (5/21/96)

-Fintronic announces the release of FinSim Developer, a full featured interpreted version of FinSim. (4/17/96)

-Fintronic introduces Enhanced Cycle Simulation Technology. (2/26/96)

-Floating licenses are supported in FinSim as of version 4.1.08.


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