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DSP Designers perform a one million point FFT in Verilog in under 1 second!

The example below run in approx 1.67 seconds on an Intel i3 2.3GHz. It performed the sequence VpFft, VpIfft. The two transformations are perfomed in-place on the contents of xformFC, which is of type VpFComplex. VpFComplex indicates a complex number in cartesian coordinates with fields of type real.

The parameter SIZE is set to 1024 * 1024

Note that the size of the array upon which VpFft and VpIfft are called must be a power of 2 for the given FFT algorithm to work.

 module top;
   parameter SIZE = 1024 * 1024;
   real d;
   VpFComplex xformFC [0:SIZE - 1];
   VpFComplex origFC [0:SIZE - 1];

   initial begin
     $InitM(xformFC, (($I1==3) ? 7.0 : 0.0), 0.0);
     $InitM(origFC, (($I1==3) ? 7.0 : 0.0), 0.0);
     $VpFft(xformFC, 0, SIZE-1);
     $VpIfft(xformFC, 0, SIZE-1);
     d = $VpDistAbsMax(xformFC, origFC);
     $display("maximum error=%e\n", d);     


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